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The Belle Game, an exciting new dark-pop group hailing from Vancouver, stopped by Brooklyn’s Glasslands on Friday to promote their debut album, Ritual Tradition Habit. They were the first to play on the bill, and even with little time to showcase their full potential, they filled the room with great energy. Singer Andrea Lo’s smooth pipes were instrumental in keeping the crowd alive. Her voice, along with the band’s cohesiveness, resonated throughout the entire show.
The surprise of the night was the appearance of a new, unreleased song which brought a new twist to their sound. During that tune, underneath their signature dreamy soundscape stood a hip-hop-inspired drum beat. It was a little off for their vibe, but it blended well with Lo’s beautifully executed falsetto tones. The Belle Game saved the best for last with the two singles, River and Wait Up For You. That last song was executed gracefully, and it was obvious that the band and the slowly growing crowd were both having fun.
After the set ended, the band stuck around and I was able to catch up with their keyboardist, Katrina Jones. Though the band was formed in Vancouver, she hails from Montreal and reveled in the resemblance between her hometown and New York City. This was only their third performance in New York, but they showed that they were comfortable and not at all intimidated by their environment. Although they were the opening act this time, the Belle Game truly proved they have a unique sound and the animated presence and energy to eventually headline their own tour. If you have yet to hear these stunners, make sure you take notice before they gain more fame.
Photos by Gennaro Alperti.