Misfits Cover Band - Photo by Alex Eriksen

The Beets celebrated the release of its new record, Let The Poison Out, at Bruar Falls on Friday. On hand were Tanks Amigo, Beachniks and a Misfits cover band simply called Misfits Cover Band. While the Beets’ members were in good spirits, it was something of a somber occasion as Bruar Falls will be shuttering for good November 1. “It’s a shame it has to close,” said Beets bassist Jose Garcia.
Tanks Amigo, slated to go on at 8, started at 9:30, waiting for more of a crowd. Playing for a half-empty room is a drag, especially when it’s at one of the five farewell shows for Bruar. Once things got going though they kept going, with Tanks Amigo playing its alt-indie loud and fast. A few false starts had the band apologizing, but the gruop sounded just fine to me, if only a little out of practice.
Up next was Misfits Cover Band. Not in a while have I seen such an effort to put on a good show. Four dudes took the stage in black shirts, black pants and white-and-black makeup. Dives into the crowd would be taken, fake blood would flow, and an all-around badass-ness would reign for the next half hour. The boys rumbled through Misfits standards like “Last Caress,” “Hybrid Moments” and, for the sake of the season, “Halloween.” Their chops were well up to the task with driving punk guitars and rolling drums. A few technical hiccups had the vocals cutting in and out, but it hardly detracted from things. How often do you get to see a band that attaches skulls to its guitar headstocks?
It was getting late, and I had a date with the last train to the last bus home. But before I could leave there were two things to do: snag a copy of the Beets’ new record on vinyl and find out what’s up with the band. The record sounds and looks beautiful. It’s printed on limited edition purple vinyl, in honor of the 7 train to Queens; all the plum-colored circle is missing is a big white “7” in the middle. “At first we were thinking booger green,” explained Garcia, but they decided to rep Queens and go purple. The album art was done by honorary band member Matthew Volz, and it’s a treat to see it blown up. It’s disturbing, bizarre but weirdly fascinating. The cover depicts a group of hippies clobbering some ghosts with baseball bats, broken bottles and switchblades. Strange for a record that’s so chilled out. I heard Volz would be there that night, and I was sorry I’d missed the chance to pick his brain about the artwork. I also heard he’d broken his arm arm-wrestling but is recovering.
The final Bruar’s show tonight is free, with Huntronik, Clouder, KNTRLR and Friend Roulette. As for the Beets, the band is embarking on a two-week tour of the East Coast in support of the record. The group returns to New York on Thursday, November 17, for its show with Thee Oh Sees, those epic West Coast garage rockers, at 285 Kent. The Beets will not be touring in its silver Volvo, affectionately named “The Silver Bullet” as it finally met its end this week. R.I.P. Bullet.
Photos by Alex Eriksen.
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