The clangy Mississippi duo with devil-may-care hair, Bass Drum Of Death, is gearing up for the April 12 release of its debut album. Titled GB City and coming courtesy of Fat Possum, the forthcoming LP acts as main man (and drummer) John Barrett and guitarist/singer Colin Sneed’s flying kick following their running start of 7-inch and EP releases.

The 11-track album was written and recorded by Barrett alone in various basement apartments using naught but a drumset, guitar, USB microphone and a computer. Not sure if all of the solo time made him a little loco, but the subject matter kind of reflects a certain crazed solitude: topics covered include drugs, trying to make sexy with religious girls, gravity bongs and Elvis appearing as an apparition and giving you advice in your dreams.

The track “Young Pros” below is a sneaky preview cut from GB City and possesses a kind of rowdily reckless garage doo-wop vibe. There’s a bit of dog-eared and tattered surf in there that’s coupled with a friendly ‘yeah brah’ thumbs-up attitude. It sounds like what the underdog of the dog world would look like, if songs took on dog forms. Plus he’s your dog, and he’s awesome and you love him like you would a brother. Not sure if any of that makes sense, but just go with it, ya dig?

Tracklist For GB City:

01. Nerve Jamming
02. GB City
03. Get Found
04. Velvet Itch
05. High School Roaches
06. Spare Room
07. Young Pros
08. Heart Attack Kid
09. Leaves
10. I Could Never Be Your Man
11. Religious Girls