Baroness has released a video for Yellow & Green single “March To The Sea,” which compiles live footage from the metal band’s tour last summer prior to the group’s tragic bus accident. Director Jimmy Hubbard provides an uplifting depiction of them in their element on and off stage that should have fans teeming with excitement for their eventual return.
For Baroness, 2012 was a year that brought both success and hardship. The acclaimed Georgia sludge metal group first enjoyed praise for their hulking, eclectic double album, which CMJ selected as the seventh best record of the year. However, a terrible bus accident near Bath, England abruptly ended the group’s touring plans. Three of four members were hospitalized but soon posted a photo to Facebook expressing gratitude to fans for their support and indicating they would battle their way back. Hopefully, this video is yet another step in that direction.
Watch it below.