Think they fell in love with a porn star. Photo by Jake Moore

There’s something endearing about a band sincerely having fun playing a show. On Friday night at the cozy Webster Hall Studio, Chicago-based outfit BandCalledCatch played a set that was memorable both for the quality of its folk-acoustic rock and for its unique stage presence. How unique? Well, it involved a frisbee toss (in which the band threw out frisbees with download codes attached, which is one of the more fun ways to get people to listen to your songs), a former member of the band jumping on stage for a freestyle rap, and lots of dancing and foot stomping.

The music felt as if Dispatch had grown into a full outfit, with plenty of harmonicas and groovy bass lines. The highlight at first listen was the infectiously catchy “Girl Gone Wild,” which contained a chorus about being a porn star and a girl who “took off her clothes for one of them free t-shirts.” The band also caught (no pun intended) the audience’s attention with its banter, especially during the band introductions, which included an offer for body shots at the bar. After the set, the band mingled with the audience, reinforcing the communal aspect of the night; more than anything, BandCalledCatch’s set felt like a gathering of friends who just happened to bring along instruments.