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Last Thursday, Brooklyn dream-pop darlings Au Revoir Simone kicked off this summer’s PopRally series at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. Playing to a zealous, summer-swept crowd, the women weaved seamlessly through their set, making the performance feel like a true whole, rather than just a batch of songs. The theater was at capacity from the moment the trio took the stage. Erika Forster, Annie Hart and Heather D’Angelo began by soothing their audience into an almost meditational state, not unlike pondering one of the masterpieces upstairs. But as the songs progressed, the musical energy expanded, the tempo ticked upward, and a small dance party pocket formed at the foot of the stage. The band acknowledged that, even though people tend to act more refined while in a museum, the rest of the audience should feel free to join the stage-side revelers in letting loose. Their fans enthusiastically jumped at the invitation, ending the evening with both a physical and auditory crescendo. The band played off the crowd, and the crowd played off the band, ultimately creating an enjoyable atmosphere of spontaneity and harmony.
Au Revoir Simone released their new remix EP, Brightness/Contrast, last March. It includes remixes from the likes of David Lynch, Todd Rundgren and Bermuda Star. The band is set to spend the rest of the summer touring both Europe and the North American west coast.
Photos by Stephanie Augello.