Pharrell Williams and Michael Rapaport, photo by Paolo Carranceja

Last night DJ Questlove hosted an exclusive event at Mr. H at the Mondrian SoHo in honor of CMJ Film Festival’s screening of Beats, Rhymes And Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest, which was coincidentally released to DVD/blu-ray earlier this week. The doors opened around 10:30 p.m. to a line that was around the block, and upon arrival, guests were immediately escorted to the bar where they could order complimentary Sailor Jerry and Kanon Vodka cocktails, as well as Heineken beers. The venue was intimate, dimly lit with red decor, which made it very easy (once you pushed pass the crowd) to maneuver to the back of the room where Questlove’s DJ booth was set up and he was mixing a variation of A Tribe Called Quest hits.
Questo was laid-back in a black hoodie with his signature pick in his hair while the crowd, which was a very cool mixture of every type of person imaginable (including the documentary’s director, Michael Rapaport, and Citizen Cope), rapped along to songs like it was the ’80s again. And just when you thought the party had reached its highest level of awesome, a female dancer in nothing but her undergarments took to a pole and performed tricks straight out of the circus—or the strip club, whichever is easiest to imagine. If that wasn’t a night topper (we know you are hard to please), in walks Pharrell Williams decked out in a tailor-made suit with only one body guard. He stopped at the DJ booth to show love then made his way to some couches that were lined up against the wall.
It was pretty clear from then on that this night was going to be full of surprises. We waited in heavy anticipation for the Questlove vs. Pharrell breakdance battle.
All photos by Paolo Carranceja