Photo via Versus And Company

Twelve minutes after ASAP Rocky was scheduled to take the stage at New York’s Irving Plaza, the hugely overcrowded audience began a chant: “A-SAP! A-SAP!” The chant recurred throughout ASAP’s sold-out performance and eventually took on a reckless edge, like a threat: “A-SAP! A-SAP!
Despite the hard posturing of his “ASAP” chant, Rocky is more of a lamb than a wolf. After the first song he directed all his friends to get off the stage and addressed the crowd alone. “I came out here fucked up, I’m high as fuck,” he told his audience, which explained the slight delay—not that anyone was surprised to hear it. “They came out and scared the shit out of me, so I had to clear the stage.”
He might not be tough—getting so stoned your friends scare you doesn’t do much for street cred—but he is certainly the pretty motherfucker he claims to be. Based on this one picture of A$AP that gets passed around the Internet, it’s hard to tell if he really is as pretty as he claims. When he’s climbing the speakers to stand over his crowd, shirt unbuttoned, skinny jeans and all, it is apparent that he is.
Besides his ASAP crew homes, Rocky entertained alongside Black Hippy‘s Schoolboy Q, Bun B and even Waka Flocka Flame, with opener Danny Brown whipping his Skrillex hair back and forth around the periphery of the stage. Between samples of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit Of Happiness” (“feeling lit, feeling light,” of course) and “Bass,” ASAP allowed Waka Flocka to lead the crowd in a broiling, smoky rendition of—what else—”Hard In Da Paint.” During ASAP’s own hits, like “Wassup,” “Trilla” and “Brand New Guy” with Schoolboy Q—even the fans squashed against the wall by the massive crowd wriggled and rapped along with every lyric.