Yesterday, web developer and entrepreneur Brenden Mulligan launched his latest project, Onesheet, in beta. Onesheet is a more comprehensive service than Mulligan’s earlier ArtistData project, which allowed musicians to update all the online platforms they use to broadcast information in one fell swoop instead of manually updating their various accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. Onesheet consolidates more than just the sites a band uses to update and broadcast information; the service pulls together different kinds of digital media about a band, integrating onto page all manner of band-oriented web services from social media platforms to music uploading services and tour trackers.

Mulligan’s latest venture aims to create what he calls “the simplest web presence for a band, ever.” With Myspace in its death throes and the Internet awash with a multitude of third-party sites performing different functions for the same musician, Mulligan hopes to provide a stable and simple one-stop for all information about a band or artist. The introductory video shows how bands can set up a Onesheet page in about a minute by logging in through Facebook or Twitter and completing a few steps to customize the design. Upkeep occurs automatically as Onesheet pulls information from a band’s various web presences.

As it stands, Onesheet is compatible with a host of services, including YouTube, Tumblr, Songkick, FanBridge, SoundCloud and, of course, ArtistData. In the coming weeks, Mulligan plans to integrate other services like iTunes, CD Baby and Rdio. While the site is in beta, bands can reserve URLs that will be activated in the next few days or weeks. Although Mulligan promises that Onesheet accounts are currently, and will remain, free of charge, artists interested in premium features will have to pay.