Listening to the dance-rock group Art Vs. Science’s self-titled LP should be no guilty pleasure. Bending genres, distorting sound and screaming for attention, many criticize the Sydney trio’s in-your-face style. But there is a time and a place for Art Vs. Science, maybe one that’s a little less serious and more ridiculous, but who doesn’t need a break from the predictable? This is an album full of surprises. The only thing you can expect is whatever is coming at you, it’s coming at full force.
Outrageously cheesy, “Flippers” is a brash but blithe anthem that sets the bar high for the rest of Art Vs. Science. The tireless downbeat and throbbing bassline are played with such conviction that the chorus “Hey! Ho! Use your flippers to get down” almost makes sense. Their enthusiasm and dedication is what draws listeners in to Art Vs. Science. Tracks like “Parlez Vous Francais” and “Magic Fountain” solely work because the threesome is not afraid to get a little bit weird. Whether they are speaking partially in French, talking like robots or singing about mystical objects, they deliver.
The melodic gem “Friend In A Field” is one of the most poppy songs on the 10-track offering. The ethereal synths and tight harmonies provide a nice break from the craziness that ensues throughout most of the album. The slow-down is short-lived as things pick up quickly with forceful tracks like “A.I.M. Fire” and “Sledgehammer.” The track titles are a perfect description of what they sound like. The high-pitch synths, intense drums and repetitive lyrics all contribute to their infectious feel.
Saying “yes” to shows before it even had songs to play, it is no wonder Art Vs. Science thrives in live settings. These songs itch for audience participation, and there are several tracks on Art Vs. Science that lose some of their magic coming through my headphones. But until you see this band on a stage, you’ll just have to make do singing along to the catchy earworms by yourself.