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On yet another uber-chilly night in NYC, Arctic Monkeys fanatics arrived very early to the famed venue, the youngest among them with their eye-rolling dads in tow. The merch stands were a bee hive, fans donning Arctic Monkey beanies. It was a stranger scene than you might expect.
Like Deerhunter opening the show, for instance. Though leader Bradford James Cox had a flu, and his band is not usually attuned to playing to the back rows in this massive a venue, the band churned right into Earthquake, and on through Don’t Cry, Revival and Sleepwalking among their solid 45-minute set. By the end, the basketball arena was completely packed.
For a band that continues to get scant U.S. mainstream play, Arctic Monkeys fans are as energetically euphoric as a Coldplay crowd. And devoted! Even in this huge venue, this photog noticed some of the same ladies from previous Webster Hall and Orion Festival sets. The band, of course, is no slouch in the energy department. They played all the favorites, including Fireside and 505. Later in the show, the Monkeys invited Miles Kane (Arctic Monkeys’ singer/guitarist Alex Turner’s bandmate from sometime side project, the Last Shadow Puppets) to join them on stage. Once there, they all joined in the 1964 Beatles U.S. landing anniversary celebrations, kicking off the encore by covering the Mop Tops’ All My Loving. Yes, we’re all a little tired of Beatles worship of late, but seeing a young British band wail through one of their tunes is more than forgivable, and flat out fun this time.
Photos by Adela Loconte.