2013 has been a quite the draining year with all of its album release gimmicks: Daft Punk’s SNL promo teasers, Kanye West projecting his face everywhere like gods tend to do, and Boards Of Canada releasing a Record Store Day exclusive 45-second 12″ that sold for $5,700 on eBay. With all that hubbub, don’t get me wrong when I say Arcade Fire just had the most easy-going album announcement of the year. Totally nonchalant, the band confirmed the follow up to its 2010 Grammy-winning album, The Suburbs, by replying to a fan on Twitter who tweeted the band saying “you’re my favorite.” This is how it went down:

Now that the album release has been confirmed by the band themselves for October 29, it’s all just a waiting game at this point. It’s also known that LCD Soundsystem‘s James Murphy is involved with the as-of-yet unnamed album, but to what degree he’s been involved is unknown. We’ll just have to wait and see what Arcade Fire tweet next.