Since Salvation Army now accepts credit cards for donations, we’re all going to have to find an excuse to replace “Sorry, I don’t have any change” when we see those bell-ringers in front of Safeway (besides not wanting to give all our credit card information to a stranger in a Santa hat). This year, you can start telling the collectors that you’ve already done your part by participating in the ARChive Of Contemporary Music‘s holiday CD and record sale—but only if you actually participate. Don’t just be a jerk.
Now in its 26th year, ARC will be collecting donations and selling new, unused albums at low prices from December 10-18 in New York City at 54 White St. ARC will be accepting all kinds of donations to add to its expansive collection of popular music and memorabilia, like CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, sheet music and good old paper. “Our simple goal is to guarantee that the world’s musical heritage is preserved for future generations to study and enjoy,” ARC representative B. George told CMJ. Since 1985 the organization has amassed the world’s largest collection of popular music, which consists of more than 2 million sound recordings.
To top it all off, ARC will be hosting its annual holiday parties with the help of Bonnie’s Grill and the Bubble Lounge, both of which donated booze to the cause. Its parties are open to ARC members, who can get dibs on early sales.