Four-piece indie pop group the Apples In Stereo released its new video for “CPU” yesterday, directed by fellow experimental musician Robert Beatty. The track is from its 2010 album Travelers In Space And Time (Yep Roc), which explored new material that didn’t use the group’s characteristic, so-called “Non-Pythagorean” musical scale.

It features leader Robert Schneider singing while colors and patterns are projected on his face, but with a lo-fi feel. The video uses psychedelic images reminiscent of the Fillmore from the 60’s and pixilated screens. The muddy yet bright sound of the track mimics the video visuals, too.

“CPU” marks the second video from this album, the first being for “Hey Elevator,” a video shot in an elevator in just two takes.

[youtube width=”575″ height=”466″]