Andrew W.K. - Photo by Lisa Hresko

On Friday night, Santos Party House was packed with snowboard legends and newcomers as well as a throng of tall blonde Norwegians for, that’s right, an Andrew W.K. show. But let’s not pretend to be surprised at the lack of usual cut-off sleeves and Slayer T-shirts in the house: In addition to Santos, the show was sponsored by the World Snowboarding Championship (WSC) in association with Innovation Norway and Visit Oslo. The natural connection? Mr. W.K. wrote WSC theme “Go, Go, Go, Go” (attributed to Andrew W.K. and WSC) and performed it live for the first time in front of a tiny room, at Santos’ downstairs stage, stocked with snowboard and industry VIPs. He performed four songs: AWK party classics “I Love New York City” and “Party Hard” along with the never-before-performed-live-but-now-soon-to-be-AWK-party-classics “Go, Go, Go, Go” and “My Time.”
Henning Andersen, WSC CEO, gave a rollicking introduction before joining the band on stage, because, duh, every CEO needs to party. Snowboarders Terje Haakonsen, Benji Farrow, Chas Guldemond, Jamie Lynn and Andy Finch were in attendance, as was youngster Ty Walker, the 14-year-old new women’s pro who candidly asked to have her picture taken with Syndicate general manager Rev. Moose due to his striking resemblance to Harry Potter‘s lovable groundskeeper Hagrid. Aw.
The WSC happens February 10-19 in Oslo. So who can shill for my plane ticket?
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