Chaotic vibe of the show as captured by Corinne Bagish

If anyone knows how to bring the party, it’s unarguably Andrew W.K.. If there’s any location most conducive to partying, it would of course have to be his nightclub. Finally, if there’s a reason to party (as if it New York needs one), it would be to celebrate AWK’s first solo show of the year within said city.

Opening act Cherie Lily (AWK’s wife) strutted on stage sporting a pink zebra print leotard. A whirlwind of aerobics and neon glitter, her brand of dance-heavy pop was amplified by similarly attired backup dancers and a ribbon routine. Aleister X‘s aesthetic was quite different. Overtly (even comically) sexual lyrics, face paint and pulsating bass made for a bizarre Euro clubbing vibe.

Crowd surfing began even before AWK kicked off his set. The boundary between stage and floor became seamless once his pop metal began to fill the room. Show goers climbed steps to crowd the edge of the stage—which was good for those who fought their way up there, but not so good for everyone else trying to see over them. Midway through, Cherie Lily joined him to provide backup vocals. Favorites like “I Love New York City” and “We Want Fun” came one after another as the crowd chanted along, “We want to have fun and we want to get wasted!”. And wasted some were; girls fell on top of each other on the stage trying to pose with AWK for pictures during the set.

The lineup made it clear that unlike most, this show wasn’t about a particular music genre or a specific scene, which was refreshing and different. This show was about having a good time, and in true party spirit, whatever made a good time possible was fair game.

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