Ever wanted to jump into the soundtrack of your favorite action film? And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead’s Jason Reece and Conrad Keely have paired up to create this massive sounding tour de force—the two are obviously not afraid of expressing their overpowering guitar riffs and loud voices.

“Pure Radio Cosplay” and “Summer Of All Dead Souls, the first two tracks on Tao Of The Dead, Trail Of Dead’s seventh full-length studio album, provide a dramatic introduction, power-crossing a variety of instruments delivering an intense vortex of sound. But a change in tempo and tone in “Fall of The Empire” creates a more relaxed atmosphere. The masterpiece represents the time-line of a hero, undergoing a rapid change of events throughout an epic saga that ends with a profound resolution.

In contrast to its predecessor, The Century Of Self, Tao Of The Dead depicts a peak-and-trough character that resembles a scale of different mindsets, reflective of the band members’ years of hard work and ultimate evolution. Tao will result in an indulgence of the mind, just please remember to snap back into reality.