Photo by Suyi Tay

Last Friday night, Anamanaguchi headlined Webster Hall’s “Girls And Boys Night” dance party and flooded the main floor with its infectious chiptune music. Alongside the video game-infused electronic melodies, the band’s stage set-up consisted of several eye-catching props, making the show promoting their newest album, Endless Fantasy, both an auditory and visual treat.
Prior to Anamanaguchi’s set, the venue’s DJ attempted smooth the transition with a set of Daft Punk’s greatest hits, mingled with some dubstep tracks near the end. The crowd waited anxiously for the band to make an entrance; several crowd members jumped energetically whenever the music began to fade out. Finally, at 1:45 in the morning, Anamanguchi began its sensatory overload of a performance.
As a way of showing the band’s appreciation to all the fans that helped fund the production of Endless Fantasy via Kickstarter, Anamanguchi filtered a large portion of their funds into the stage set-up for the tour. Staying true to the electronic theme behind their music, the band’s visuals focused heavily on light. Four skinny columns surrounded them onstage, radiating shockingly saturated colors. Two cubes reflected the main screen’s projection of video game-esque designs behind the band. As a cherry on the top, Anamanaguchi began and closed the set with an onslaught of snappy Chinese poppers.
The band performed several songs off its recent release, including the album’s title track and the infamous “Meow.” All of the tracks were well received by the majority of the audience. The crowd seemed a bit off when it came to dancing though: A large mosh pit repeatedly formed at the front of the venue, and its members maintained a constant speed of assault to Anamanaguchi’s happy-go-lucky sounds.
Despite having poured thousands of dollars into the stage set-up, the band’s performance turned out to be relatively short. By 2:45 AM, the set was over. Saying its goodbyes to the crowd, the band released one last set of Chinese poppers and finished the set without an encore. Although the fans seemed disappointed and screamed for an encore, the familiar sound of a DJ set filled the speakers, and all the crowd was left thinking was when they could next see Anamanaguchi.
Photos by Suyi Tay.
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