Photo by Hugh Francis

The gallery at the Museum Of The Moving Image was buzzing on Saturday night, an evening curated by local taste-makers and internet sensation Anamanaguchi. Separated into a handful of different zones, there was room for every type of nerd in the space. The live music stage was surrounded by projections, the lobby was packed full of electronic beats, the main theater had a brilliant lineup of video installations, and the zombie rave room was showing goofy internet GIFs, animating in sync with bad Miley Cyrus covers.
The adorable Landlady opened the live music stage. Wearing bright orange headbands, the band members performed an engaging set of charismatic, mathy, indie pop. After a quick beer and brief gaze at some of the artworks, this reviewer returned to the live stage as MiniBoone started its set. More than a little reminiscent of Dananananaykroyd‘s shambolic party vibes, the band didn’t disappoint with its chaotic indie rock.
When Extreme Animals took the stage, things started getting intense. A little like chiptune crossed with metal crossed with internet humor, Extreme Animals’ performance was heavy but not without an element of delicacy.
The headliner finally took the stage at 12:45 a.m. Anamanaguchi opened with the line “Does anyone here watch Two And A Half Men and just wish it was five men? Double the fun!” and powered through 45 minutes of instrumental gameboy punk. By this stage, everyone at MOMI was watching the band, and the crowd was surging with sweat and bloody noses.