Although she left Titus Andronicus behind and is currently fronting the folk-rock band Leda, guitarist and activist Amy Klein has not forgotten about her love for punk rock’s raw, distorted sounds and cutting lyrics. She and drummer/vocalist Catherine Tung have partnered up to form Hilly Eye. The duo signed to the New Brunswick-based punk label Don Giovanni earlier this year, and now comes the announcement of Hilly Eye’s first full-length record, Reasons To Live. The album’s first single, “Amnesia,” pits Klein’s fragile vocals against a crunchy, reverberating guitar and Tung’s steady drumbeats. Stream it below.

Don Giovanni will release Reasons To Live January 22, 2013, but before the year is out, Hilly Eye will play a couple of shows in Brooklyn. Check below for the tour dates and the Reasons To Live tracklist.
Tour Dates For Hilly Eye:
11/30 – Brooklyn, New York – St. Vitus
12/14 – Brooklyn, New York – Death By Audio
Tracklist For Reasons To Live:
01. Almanac
02. American Rail
03. Amnesia
04. Animal
05. Double Dutch
06. Jacob’s Ladder
07. January
08. Jersey City
09. Louisville
10. Way Back When