Photo by Nathan Seabrook

Experimental Brazilian artist Amon Tobin will release his first album since 2007’s Foley Room, titled ISAM, on May 24 through Ninja Tune. This work continues to explore Tobin’s sci-fi influence while incorporating new software for an innovative sound.

Supplementing the soundscape created on ISAM is an art installation by Tobin and Saatchi Collection artist Tess Farmer called “ISAM: Control Over Nature,” featured in the Crypt Gallery in London between May and June. Details of Tobin’s international tour dates following the exhibit will be released soon.

With music credits dating back to 1996, Tobin has established his place in the world of experimental/electronic music. He has released two albums (one of instrumentals) with Two Fingers, his collaboration with Joe “Doubleclick” Chapman, and has scored the Splinter Cell 3 video game soundtrack as well as the film soundtrack for Taxidermia.

Preview Of ISAM:

Tracklist For ISAM:

01. Journeyman

02. Piece Of Paper

03. Goto 10

04. Surge

05. Lost And Found

06. Wooden Toy

07. Mass And Spring

08. Calculate

09. Kitty Cat

10. Bedtime Stories

11. Night Swim

12. Dropped From The Sky