With the May 24 release of Amon Tobin’s seventh album, ISAM, nearing, the electronic music artist is preparing a unique and unusual live show. ISAM is said to be Tobin’s most experimental yet accessible work in his long repertoire, and it seems as if this live show will draw a similar reaction, although the description of this audio/visual experience provides only a vague understanding. The stage will feature a 25-by-14-by-8-foot, multi-dimensional, shape-shifting art installation surrounding the artist with projections that are both audio-reactive and pre-produced visuals.

ISAM was produced using mostly invented instruments and the synthesis of natural sounds. Tobin’s website currently has a short video demonstrating the use of recorded samples on the new album taken from various objects like a creaky chair and two light bulbs struck together. The sounds Tobin records as samples are only used as a foundation in creating the instruments on the album. Extremely heavy manipulations of the samples are used in the final product, disguising all signs of their original organic counterparts while giving the album its distinct sound.

The combination of this new direction in Tobin’s sound and creative audio/visual live show should provide an ideal context to experience this progressive artist. The Beyond 3D live show will tour select cities around the world beginning at the MUTEK Festival held June 1-5 in Montreal. More summer tour dates will be announced soon.