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Alexis Taylor rolled into town on the heels of his second solo album, Await Barbarians (released in June on Domino Records). Greeting him at Rough Trade on Monday night were a slew Taylor’s fans, a growing collective sprung from the already rabid fanbase of Taylor’s other band, the U.K. electronic import Hot Chip.
Taylor has a voice that fills a concert room the same way it resonates in his studio recordings. It’s an eerie and distinctive tone that allows his vocals the unique ability to be backed by both jittery electronic and melodically smooth beats. While paying homage to a few of Hot Chip’s songs, alongside fellow bandmate Al Doyle, Taylor was able to seamlessly infuse his solo work into a wider musical milieu.
While the house was far from packed (one might attribute this to the rain, location change and late set time), Taylor put on an altogether wonderful show. From beginning to end, he captivates his audience with little interaction, but loads of sincere love and adoration for those who were willing to venture out last night.
Photos and words by Emily Korn.