She’s opened for the likes of Chuck Berry and Gotye, and performed sunny covers of Black Keys tunes, but now she’s getting her own chance to shine. Kooky, quirky pop chanteuse Alex Winston is set to release her debut LP, King Con, on April 10 through V2/Cooperative. The Detroit native, best known for her prowess as a multi-instrumentalist and her charming, crazy-cat-lady-invoking videos, has also released a video for album cut “Choice Notes,” which you can check out above.
Situated somewhere between the vintage piano pop of Regina Spektor and the theatrical chamber music of Kate Bush, Winston is a singer-songwriter with a knack for crafting songs that play up the strength of her bubble-gum soprano as well as her bluesy Motown roots. “Choice Notes” is a sweet, playful musical concoction that bounces along on a sprightly piano riff; the video echoes the silly sentimentality with ghosts, piano men, confetti rain and even cats (because no Alex Winston video would be complete without feline friends).
On King Con, listeners can expect more of this giddy sound, with darker undertones. The album will focus on Winston’s interest with the “fakers and pretenders of the world”—fake Elvises, cult leaders, sham preachers. Other songs will discuss a jealous polygamist (“Sister Wife”), a corrupt priest (“Benny”) and even acts of adolescent rebellion in the Amish church (“Run Rumspringa”). With production from Charlie Hugall (Florence And The Machine) and Bjorn Yttling (Lykke Li), King Con promises plenty of sweetness but also a heaping dose of smartness as well.
Tracklist For King Con:
01. Fire Ant
02. Velvet Elvis
03. Medicine
04. Locomotive
05. Host
06. Sister WIfe
07. Choice Notes
08. Shock Me
09. Benny
10. Run Rumspringa
11. The Fold