Alex Barck, the DJ known most recently for his work with Jazzanova, and musician/producer Christian Prommer have teamed up under the name Prommer And Barck to create Alex And The Grizzly, an album featuring music they like to call “Earthboogie Dance” or “Deep Kraut Music.” In keeping with their love of jazz and jazz-inspired techno, the album features appearances by Dollkraut, Kim Sanders, James Teej, Eva Milner (Hundreds), Sascha Gottschalk (Thief) and Uwe Karpa.

Prommer And Barck will also return to playing the live stage, after spending the last few years focusing on producing other people’s music. Recorded and mixed in only 20 short days, Alex And The Grizzly will be released May 10 in North America on the duo’s newly founded label, Derwin Recordings.

Tracklist For Alex And The Grizzly:
01. Pictures Of The Sea
02. Submarine Bells
03. Lovin
04. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
05. Everything
06. Gladys Knight
07. Soweto Symphony
08. Journey
09. The Barking Grizzle (Detroit /Berlin)
10. Sleeping Beauty
11. Faces From The Past