Kithkin hail from the mystical rain-soaked land of Seattle, WA, creating self-described “tree punk” with an assortment of percussion (every member plays the drums) plus keys, thermin, guitar and bass. The result is a stomping onslaught of flexing rhythms mixed with the organic lightness of stretched-out vocal harmonies.
Today, we’re premiering the band’s upcoming album, Rituals, Trances & Ecstasies For Humans In Face Of The Collapse, which, according to Kithkin, is meant to “confront crowds about the impending ‘end of things.'” The apocalyptic vibe makes sense when you consider Kithkin was inspired by Daniel Quinn’s 1992 novel Ishmael, about the collapse of civilization. The album is 12 tracks of lyrical intellect and expansive instrumentals with just the right tinge of paranoia. Listen to it below, before there’s no time left.