Philly-based trio John the Conqueror formed in December 2010, establishing their sound in their Mississippi roots and exploding onwards and outwards. The group is committed to a raw, rock-infused blues revivalism that combines Southern rock with a punky edge and a smooth, blues-and-soul vibe, led by the deep, tender vocals of Pierre Moore. Their upcoming album, The Good Life (out February 25 through Alive Naturalsound Records) follows their 2012 self-titled debut album.
The Good Life follows Moore’s vivid memories of growing up in Mississippi all the way to his contemporary life, with a focus on the craft of storytelling through music. The soulful amalgam of bluesy rhythm, smooth bass and tight percussion function both as an homage to old-school blues and as an effort to spice it up with a little innovation. The album features 10 emotive, explosive originals and one carefully-chosen Randy Newman cover, all channeling an almost Led Zeppelin-inspired weighty rock sound. For an indulgent dive into some self-proclaimed “hard-ass blues-rock,” take a listen to The Good Life below.

01. Get ‘Em
02. Mississippi Drinkin’
03. Waking Up To You
04. What Am I Gonna Do
05. Golden Rule
06. Burn Down The Cornfield
07. Road to Bayport
08. You Don’t Know
09. John Doe
10. Daddy’s Little Girl
11. She Said