Giraffes - Photo by Todd Kancar

Giraffes – Photo by Todd Kancar

The Giraffes‘ story is a long and tempestuous one, filled with member switches, a few temporary break-ups, a gun fight at a White Castle and loads of insane shows across the land, leaving a growing legion of fans with dented heads from the band’s pummeling, feral rock. But when, after more than a decade, singer Aaron Lazar called it a day onstage in 2011—and the band answered with a rarities comp called Farewell Fat Astronaut in 2012—things really seemed kaput this time.

Well think again, as the band that can’t be stopped is back with their sixth full-length album, Usury, officially out tomorrow on Silver Sleeve.

Usury amps up the Giraffes’ herky-jerk rhythms and spindly guitar elements to a level which they ought to be able to bring to full loud fruition in the live setting, like this Saturday at their record release party at The Wick in Brooklyn.

So, why now, Mr. Lazar?

We reformed after the 2014 reunion shows. We all figured there are dimensions to the band that had never been explored, and this new record is beginning to explore that territory. I want this record to be crushing, catchy and nimble. The majority of the songs were built painstakingly from riffs and parts that have been floating around for some time. We gave particular attention to crafting songs as opposed to simply stacking riffs. Ultimately, this is as minimal as the Giraffes are ever likely to get. That leanness focuses things and makes the lyrical narrative dig deeper into the listener. Damien Paris has adopted a C tuning which has made his guitar tone simultaneously larger and somehow more brittle; and with the addition of Josh Taggart on bass there is counterpoint, producing a more rhythmic almost experimental reaction to the boundless riffage Damien is able to command.

Check out the Usury stream premiere below, and start hunting for those gnarly earplugs that fell under the bed, as you’re going to need them when the band starts gigging again soon.

Aaron Lazar in action

Giraffes in action – Photo by Lena Shkoda