Portland, OR’s Dramady has a unique way of doing things. It’s a band of two people with three names each (Amanda Mason Wiles and Zacery Quintin Stanley), they play five instruments between them (including clarinet and tenor sax), they haven’t had a full-length release since 2006 but tour often, and they make the kind of music that’s equal parts sugar-high ecstasy and bedroom-moodiness. Today we’re excited to have the exclusive stream of their upcoming LP, Answer Only To The Sea, out tomorrow via Cochon Records.
The band describes their sound as “party pop/deep thoughts,” and that’s a pretty accurate way to think of it. Like heart-thumping single I Wanna Be Good or videogame identity crisis Two Ghosts In One Costume—they’re the sonic equivalent of being the party master, until you decide you need to go sit alone in a corner to contemplate the moral ramifications of double-dipping your carrot sticks. Check it out below.

Tracklist For Answer Only To The Sea:
01. Go Home
02. Two Ghosts in One Costume
03. Diggin’ A Hole
04. Keep It Up
05. Glow In The Dark
06. Downlow
07. I Wanna Be Good
08. Good Art
09. Deadlines
10. Your Survival
11. Casual Sludge