Against Me!, the high energy punk band known for headlining Warped Tour and anarchist activism, is reissuing 2010 studio release White Crosses on its newly launched record label, Total Treble Music.

On July 26 fans will be able to pick up the 2-part reissue, White Crosses And Black Crosses, a 28 track collection in total. White Crosses features the original 10 tracks with four bonus tracks added; the self-produced Black Crosses features 14 unreleased songs, nine of which feature past drummer Warren Oakes who left the band in 2009.

On June 14 the band released “Russian Spies”/”Occult Enemies”, two tracks that were recorded with their new drummer Jay Weinberg and later this year Against Me! will be heading back to the studio to work on its sixth full-length album to be released on Total Treble. Against Me!’s high energy and enthusiastic activism set the band on frequent tours, and it is currently finishing up a headlining East Coast tour before performing at the 2011 Warped Tour this summer.

White Crosses/Black Crosses will be released in 3xLP and 2xCD versions, packaged along with a 32 page lyric and art booklet.

Tracklist For White Crosses:
01. White Crosses
02. I Was A Teenage Anarchist
03. Because Of The Shame
04. Suffocation
05. We’re Breaking Up
06. High Pressure Low
07. Ache With Me
08. Spanish Moss
09. Rapid Decompression
10. Bamboo Bones
11. Lehigh Acres
12. Bob Dylan Dream
13. One By One
14. Bitter Divisions

Tracklist For Black Crosses:
01. White Crosses (Goldentone Studio Version)
02. I Was A Teenage Anarchist (Acoustic Version)
03. Because Of The Shame (Acoustic Version)
04. The Western World (Goldentone Studio Version)
05. Strip Mall Parking Lots (Goldentone Studio Version)
06. High Pressure Low (Acoustic Version)
07. Hot Shots (Goldentone Studio Version)
08. Spanish Moss (Goldentone Studio Version)
09. Rapid Decompression (Goldentone Studio Version)
10. Soul Surrender (Goldentone Studio Version)
11. Lehigh Acres (Goldentone Studio Version)
12. David Johansen’s Soul (Acoustic Version)
13. One By One (Acoustic Version)
14. Bitter Divisions (Goldentone Studio Version)