Against Me, photos by Joshua Casuccio

Gainesville, FL’s Against Me! headlined in Brooklyn on Sunday, drawing in batches of people ranging from crust punks in denim vests exuding PBR from their pores to older punks sans denim vests (but still exuding PBR from their pores). Two female-fronted bands served as show support, both attending the same school of Superchunk but from different graduating classes. Lemuria (from Buffalo, NY) opened the show with “Pants” and “Yesterday’s Lunch” off of 2008’s Get Better then went into “Wise People” off of the recent Pebble. The switch in lyrical attitude of songs from both albums played back to back matched vocalist/guitarist Sheena Ozzella’s sugary melodies with drummer/vocalist Alex Kerns’ low monotone drawl. New Brunswick, NJ’s Screaming Females provided similar crunchy indie punk but with a quicker pace and a sharper bite than that of the relatively sweet Lemuria.

Against Me! wasted no time with introductions or stage banter, and the band’s back catalog had enough attitude to sustain an hour-long set. Although the group’s five albums span lineup, record label and style changes, Against Me! played “New Wave” right into “Pints Of Guinness Make You Stronger” without anyone in the crowd noticing the switch from the band’s Sire-era to No Idea-era. For a group that’s endured accusations of “selling out,” its live set is still full of confidence, completely evident in frontman Tom Gabel’s grin. When the band went from “White People For Peace” right into “I Was A Teenage Anarchist,” the clash of lyrical ideology in both songs’ lyrics was the ultimate “fuck-you” to anyone who said AM!’s punk cred lagged during the its almost 10-year career.

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