Action Bronson is planning a little culinary vacation. “I have five albums done right now,” says the Queens rapper and chef, on the phone to CMJ after just returning from wrapping up sessions with the Alchemist in Santa Monica. “I think I might take off from recording for a minute,” says Bronson. “I might go on vacation for a little bit…South of France, Italy, Morocco, maybe do a video in Morocco.”
The vacation would be a well-earned one for Bronson, who has had quite the busy year. After releasing his outstanding debut LP, Dr. Lecter, in March and touring extensively, including a number of knockout sets at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon, the Flushing native drops his second album of 2011 today. The collaborative full-length Well Done was produced entirely by renowned Boston beatsmith Statik Selektah and is now available digitally on DCide. Bronson describes the new record as “a gumbo or a nice big pot of stew. It simmered up for a long time, and now it’s nice and tender and ready to go.”
Bronson’s rise to popularity has been both quick and steep. Last year’s standout debut mixtape Bon Appetit…Bitch!!! garnered Bronson attention from rap fans everywhere for his elaborately detailed verses, densely packed with witty tough talk, lush culinary metaphors and esoteric references to the likes of former WWF champs all spiced with just enough straight-faced goofiness. Bronson’s rapping is especially impressive considering how new an endeavor it is for him, one he only got into by association. “Pretty much my friends were doing it so I started doing it. My boy Mayhem Lauren was rapping at the time, and I just followed the lead.”
Action Bronson & Statik Selektah “Cocoa Butter” feat Nina Sky by DCide
It was Bronson’s unique yet distinctly East Coast style that caught the ear of DJ and producer Statik Selektah, who contacted Bronson via Twitter after hearing Dr. Lecter. “Statik, he has a good ear,” says Bronson. “He works very, very fast just like me, so it’s good working with him. We get things done in a timely fashion. We’re not in there for fucking like five hours doing one song.” The two quickly hit it off working together, and it wasn’t long before their collaboration went from a couple of tracks to a full-length album. “It just kind of happened,” says Bronson. “Twitter is a mothafuckin’ great thing.”
The resulting record, Well Done, sees Action and Statik polishing and expanding the kind of East Coast traditionalism for which they’ve both become admired. Bronson, who was laid up with a broken leg while working on his rhymes for the new album, drew inspiration from the wild. “I was watching a lot of National Geographic and a lot of animal things, so that was pretty much my main influence for this entire album. Deadliest animals, reptiles, all the shark things, world’s deadliest bugs, shit like that.”
After his sabbatical culinary excursion, Bronson will still have a lot on his plate. Despite having been “out of the kitchen for about six months now,” he maintains that he is “for sure working on more ‘Action In The Kitchen’ videos,” like the one posted below, and plans to release more from his stash of recorded material, including his recent work with the Alchemist, which will also be a full-length collaboration. Bronson remains tight-lipped about their record, only letting on that “You’re in for a treat.” Considering this guy’s know-how in whipping up all things palatable, we believe him.