Though Absolutely Kosher may have had humble beginnings in a living room in San Francisco in 1998, the label slowly but surely expanded to an office in Emeryville just over the Bay Bridge in California, operating for 13 years and working with great selection of bands throughout its time such as the Mountain Goats, +/-, the Wrens and many more. But sadly, the label has announced that it has hit the end of the line and will only be releasing one more album. Absolutely Kosher’s last record, out October 11, will be Canadian band Himalayan Bear‘s Hard Times, which has a clearly ironic meaning that isn’t lost on founder Cory Brown, and it isn’t lost on CMJ either.
In a press release on the label’s website, Brown states, “I wish I could tell you there’s a grand plan, a new chapter waiting to be written, but the truth is, we’ve been struggling for years and the only thing on my plate right now is to eliminate our debts and rejuvenate my spirits.” He continued on to say, “I don’t want any disappointment over the current state of things or bitterness over unrecognized potential to cloud the feeling of how unbelievably lucky I feel about Absolutely Kosher Records and everything that came with it.”
Upon creating the label, the site explains that Brown wanted a name that spoke to his Jewish heritage and to his belief in the Jewish community within popular music, as well as in the music industry. Though Brown’s beliefs helped to shape the face of Absolutely Kosher, he never considered it a “Jewish Music” label, as the website states, but one that was founded with a strong set of values.
To hear selections from Absolutely Kosher’s final release, visit Himalayan Bear’s Facebook page.