About About Group: The band—a supergoup if you will—is made up of Alexis Taylor from disco-dancey Hot Chip, Charles Hayward of experimental This Heat, John Coxon from electro-jazz weirdos Spring Heel Jack and space-rockers Spiritualized, and Pat Thomas, who has worked with the likes of Derek Bailey and Tony Oxley. They got together two years ago to make an record of improvised music for Treader, played a few live shows and decided to make a more organized record. And, as if the band sat down and said “let’s add another kicker,” its new album, Start And Complete was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. It will be released April 26 via Domino.

It was even so kind as to put together a brief video teaser of what’s to come.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuxDOnp9lw0

Tracklist For Start And Complete:
01. Married To The Sea (a)
02. Don’t Worry
03. With Each New Day
04. Repair Man
05. Lay Me Down
06. A Perspective
07. There’s a Way To End This Run of Doubt
08. A Sinking Song
09. Nothing But Words
10. You’re No Good
11. Rough and Smooth
12. Start and Complete
13. Dreamt I Saw You Late Last Night
14. Married To The Sea (b)