Preatures - Photo by Deneka Peniston

Preatures – Photo by Deneka Peniston

Everyone’s favorite insta-blog machine, Tumblr, got together with us CMJ-ers last week to gather up loads of images from the massive mountain of new music we all call CMJ Music Marathon. Adventurous shutterbugs from the Tumblr universe threw their fancy cameras over their shoulders and hit up NYC to follow around certain bands that seem to be building that ever-elusive “buzz.” Backstage, back alleys, you name it, Tumblr’s photogs snapped away like mad. Here’s a recap of some of their efforts.

Deneka PenistonThe Preatures
Laura June KirschSmall Black
Greg Morgan Jr.Willis Earl Beal
Julian SchratterVic Mensa
Katie ChowWoodkid
B Michael PayneThe Dismemberment Plan

And if all that isn’t enough, check into Tumblr’s official music spot and our own CMJ Tumblr over the next few days for even more shots from in and around CMJ Music Marathon 2013.