Electronic-tinged prog-rockers, Muse, have posted a teaser trailer for their upcoming album, The 2nd Law. Set to hit shelves in September, the record looks as if it will feature Muse’s usual heavier thematic tones with a hint of dubsteb and a pinch of politics.
While Muse always likes to toy with suspense and the apocalypse, this video trailer seems to give us a bit more than doomsday predictions. It turns out you can actually learn a lot from Muse. Here are five things The 2nd Law trailer taught us:
01. The 2nd Law will be the perfect soundtrack to your daily run.
People running through the woods, through the town, away from some giant spikes destroying the ground—they’re all listening to the new Muse track. It looks like its working out pretty well for them, so why not for you, too?
02. Gasoline prices will skyrocket to approximately $61.51 per gallon.
Do the math—if Muse is showing us that 15.501 gallons of gas costs $999.99, that means we’ll be paying $61.51 per gallon some time soon. No wonder so many people are running around in the video—at that rate, who could afford to drive?
03. Muse is hanging out with Kevin, Screech’s robot pal from Saved by the Bell.
Have you seen that thing?! That’s Kevin the robot—it has to be! I wonder what kind of witty remarks or advice he’d have about the end of the world. Judging by the look on his face, it can’t be anything too pleasant. Was this whole thing Screech’s fault?
04. Someone in Muse really, really liked that last Skrillex album.
With all the “wub wubs” in that last riff, it’s clear someone in the band is on a dubstep kick. I imagine the conversation went something like this:
Muse Dude 1: Hey, dude, how do you like this riff I wrote?
Muse Dude 2: Have you been listening to dubstep again?
Muse Dude 1: No! No, definitely not… Can we call the album The 2nd Wub?
05. Playing clips of Muse on the TV is far more important than world news.
Seriously, who wants to watch that boring stuff anymore anyway? So what if the world is ending or whatever? Muse is on!