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The video for Grimes’s “Genesis” debuted today, and as is often the case with Grimes videos there’s a lot to unpack. The track comes from Claire Boucher’s 2012 record Visions, and it’s the latest song from the album to be transformed into a simultaneously captivating and bewildering music video. This time Boucher has directed the video herself, meaning that it’s like being trapped in an Ouroboros constructed from Grimes pussy rings. Watch—no, experience—the video below, and then check out the five lessons that I took from it.

01. Grimes is still a Dune person at heart.
When CMJ interviewed Grimes earlier this year, she discussed her interest in Frank Herbert’s iconic science-fiction novel Dune, and the opening moments of the video feel as though they could be set on the post-industrial waste planet, Giedi Prime. But instead of mining spices or some shit, Grimes dances because… why not? Also, maybe that snake is secretly a sandworm?
02. If you have to wear a baseball hat make sure it says “pussy” on it.
This lesson is self-explanatory.
03. Grimes watched that M.I.A. video.
It feels like Grimes spent some time thinking about video of the year contender “Bad Girls.” Maybe she didn’t have the budget to tilt the car, so instead she just had someone drag a sword outside of it? Oh, and about that sword…
04. Swords are fun, but flaming swords are WAY FUCKING BETTER.
The flaming sword suggests that Grimes is perhaps a not-so-secret fan of the cancelled Comedy Central series Kröd Mändoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire. This raises the important question: What obscure Comedy Central series will Grimes draw inspiration from next? I’d watch the Grimes version of Battle Bots or Win Ben Stein’s Money. Who wouldn’t want to see Boucher team up with Gary Busey for an I’m With Busey spinoff? Hopefully they call it Grimes With Busey.
05. It might be impossible for Grimes to make a more Grimes music video.
Grimes is a divisive artist for many reasons, and this video seems unlikely to convince anyone to join the Grimes army unless they’re already a standing member. More than anything it feels like the most Grimes video of all time, which is a credit to how skilled Boucher is at crafting her own iconography. But there’s a danger to that too. While watching the video I couldn’t shake the feeling that Grimes is crossing into self-parody, like when Kramer used to pop through the door on Seinfeld in the later seasons and the laughter/applause would take forever to die down. Sometimes an iconic performer becomes too aware of why they’re iconic and then begins to run their schtick into the ground. Hopefully that’s not the case here.