Wallpaper. – Photo by Natasha Simmons

The lights flashed in the cozy Cannery Ballroom of Nashville, TN, on Tuesday night. Behind the rails, the crowd waited eagerly for each strobe flash. Every repeated strike of neon light meant the next artist involved in the Journeys Noise Tour was soon to perform. During set-ups, mainstream throwback tunes played over the speakers, including Sisquo, Shaggy, and Ginuwine, stalling the audience from screams of anticipation. So as the show started, so did the screams. The Journeys Noise Tour, featuring 3OH!3, the Summer Set, Wallpaper. and New Beat Fund acted as a reminder that young and almost-veteran musical acts can pull it together for a fun ride of a night.
New Beat Fund, a Los Angeles-based foursome consisting of Jeff Laliberte, Shelby Archer, Michael Johnson and Paul Laliberte, kicked off the night. The crowd stood steadily until, at the slightest sound of music, they started head-bobbing with the band. The group began to radiate under the stage lights, feeding off the crowd’s energy. Soon enough, the group’s routine seemed contagious: audience members took out their hands and mimicked the band’s movements. The group give a solid performance, mixing assertive vocals with their dark beats.
After New Beat Fund warmed up the audience, Wallpaper. took the stage and fans repeatedly yelled the band’s name, creating an indistinguishable uproar of noise. Their poppy hip-hop dance style had everybody dancing by the first song. Energy was exchanged kinetically from the stage to the crowd and back as soon as the band stepped out. Ricky Reed and Novena exhilarated their audience by bringing the party mode to another level. Like his single says, Ricky Reed is “Good 4 It.” Both members jumped around on stage, allowing fans to dance crazily in a judgement-free zone.
The interlude between Wallpaper. and the Summer Set felt unending. Killing time, fans sang along to radio hits like Katy Perry’s Roar and Ylvis’ What Does the Fox Say? The crowd then seemed to forget about how long they had been waiting. As the Summer Set finally performed, fans responded highest when Boomerang, the lead single off their latest album, Legendary, dropped its beat.
An entire pit of people was already in motion when 3OH!3 arrived through a light-studded sheen, complete with an intense blue beam. Every audience member lifted the band’s diamond-esque hand gesture into the air, and scrambling fights broke out over the set-list and t-shirts thrown into the crowd. Hysterical applause led to the band’s transition into their first big hit and finale, Don’t Trust Me. Afterward, they quickly left stage. The crowd shouted for the band, and when they returned, the other three bands joined 3OH!3 on stage to perform their collaborative work Turn the Night On at midnight.
Words and photos by Natasha Simmons.
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