The music might not be over until tomorrow, but today is the last day you’ll get the chance to hobnob with industry big wigs and smarty pants at our CMJ 2013 panels. Today, get your law knowledge on, fight for metal’s soul, and find out why the revolution will be digitized.

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The 2013 Entertainment Business Law Seminar

Constant change has become the new normal in entertainment law. The last year in particular has seen long-held licensing structures and content distribution platforms transformed by technology and business alike. Meanwhile, the Copyright Office and Congress are in the early stages of overhauling the Copyright Act for the first time since the 1970s. Now more than ever, composers, musicians, artists and content owners (and their advisors) in all disciplines need to be increasingly sophisticated and innovative in their efforts to strike lucrative deals and realize multiple and sometimes novel income streams. This year’s series of panels will feature top attorneys and executives discussing a wide range of topics, including shifts in digital distribution and monetization models, changes in digital licensing practices and critical developments in copyright case law and legislation.

The 2013 Entertainment Business Law Seminar will begin at 9 a.m.

Start Me Up: The Music Entrepreneur Revolution

Music is at the center of the digital revolution, and continues to drive innovation. Nearly all of the major tech players have ventured into the music arena. This panel will discuss the many opportunities for entrepreneurs wishing to enter into the music technology space. From conception to funding, launch and beyond, learn why music will continue to play a key part in technological advancement in the coming decade and how you can be a part of this future.

Start Me Up: The Music Entrepreneur Revolution will take place in the Shorin Studio, Room 802 at 11 a.m.

The Struggle For Metal’s Soul

Are we on the verge of another Metal explosion? There are some in the hard rock community who feel that the music has traded in its soul in lieu of technical virtuosity. This panel is an open dialogue among artists, labels and fans about where the future of metal is heading and if the current resurgence will be lasting or a flash in the pan.

The Struggle For Metal’s Soul will take place in Room 905/907 at 12:30 p.m.