Atlanta’s WREK is bucking the bad news trend of college radio this year: The station of Georgia Institute Of Technology is now broadcasting at 100,000 watts, covering the entire Atlanta metropolitan area. WREK was previously broadcasting at 40,000 watts, which is still massive in comparison to many other college stations across the country. 100,000 watts is the highest power level allowed by the FCC for an FM radio station. Additionally, WREK also broadcasts in HD, a technological advance not seen often enough at student-run stations.
Construction to increase the station’s wattage began in August. By the end of September, all of the structural modifications needed, including the installation of a new ERI antenna and transmission line, were completed. On October 1, WREK commenced broadcasting at the full 100,000 watts of power.
WREK broadcasts 24 hours a day and prides itself on diverse programming that includes music shows as well as spoken word, college sports broadcasts, radio drama, news and much more. Listen online here.