I have the ankles of a pregnant woman. After three days of nonstop standing, walking, and double dutch, my dream to have ankles as wide as my knees has finally come true. I took a cab eight blocks today. Even the cabbie was making fun of me for it. And I ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant that smelled of bleach and served heated salsa with the chips. If this is my last diary entry, blame the food and not the music (it’s like Cain and Able all over again). I was heckled from the stage during someone’s showcase and likely deserved it. When I woke up today I thought yesterday’s hand stamp on my wrist was a botched suicide attempt. Oh, and the highlight of the day, of course, was the CMJ College Radio Awards. Hundreds of college radio stations and the industry that thrives in it gathered for a celebration of the community’s finest. It was a true honor to be a part of such a passionate group. Each year I learn something new through the people I meet. In return, I hope I’ve been able to teach one of college radio’s future leaders where to find a good slice of pizza. My intent was to call it an early night but as the bands kept playing and the conversations continued, I found myself holding onto anything near me just to stay upright. Just like right now I’m struggling to figure out if I put a comma or a period at the end of this sentence;


CMJ Charter Bus Driver