So, uh, people like Bon Iver, right? He’s sort of the Kanye West of indie rock, and other meaningless metaphors (He’s the Air Force One of indie rock. He’s the MacbookPro of indie rock. He’s the 180 gram vinyl remastered reissue with revamped liner notes of indie rock, complete with a platinum-lined certificate of indie authenticity. You get the idea.). Out of the amazing legions of fans, I wonder how many people still pronounce it “Bahn Eyever.” (I also wonder if it’s actually pronounced like that, and I’m just doing it wrong.) This is evident as Bon Iver’s double-self-titled sophomore album takes the top spot on Radio 200 again. I mean I love the thing, but you can only listen to arguments about “Beth/Rest” so many times before you want to bash people over the head with a saxophone.

Below Bon Iver, the rotating cast of Washed Out, Cults, Black Lips, and Handsome Furs rounds out the top 5. As for artists who actually overcame indie inertia this week, Ty Segall rose from No. 87 to No. 13, and undying nasal-pop legends They Might Be Giants soared from No. 90 to No. 21. The best debut was Brilliant Colors’ Again And Again, coming in at the respectable No. 49.

In a universe where Bon Iver doesn’t exist, and saxophones are still laughed out of the room, Sepultura rules. Yes, Loud Rock, home of big guitars and better album artwork, is a kingdom of Kairos, Sepultura’s newest album. It has dominated charts since its debut 4 weeks ago. That said, the release of This Is Where It Ends by All Shall Perish debuts at No. 3, which is promising. Megadeth’s reissue of Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? comes in at No. 2.

In Hip Hop, Shabazz Palaces’ acclaimed Black Up retains the top spot—the same goes for Seun Anikulapo-Kuti And Egypt 80 at New World, Corea Clarke And White atJazz (seriously, these guys are going to outlast the federal government at this rate), and Thievery Corporation in RPM. All of this is fine, at least until Bon Iver gets reclassified as RPM or Jazz and claims his rightful place as Emperor Of Music. First decree: Sexy sax on everything. Second decree: Stop calling it “Bahn Eyever.”

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