Fleet Foxes is No. 1 yet again. But don’t call it a comeback: Ad Rock, MCA and a recovering MCA—the Beastie Boys (No. 2), ya’ll!—have been chartin’ for years, puttin’ indie rockers to fear. Will they knock Fleet Foxes out next week? Possibly, as TV On The Radio and Panda Bear have slipped one spot each and are now holding tight to Nos. 3 and 4, respectively.

Led by wackadoodle performer Eddie Argos, the U.K.-German-based and totally meta-arty party band Art Brut is most added with it’s exclamatory fourth album, Brilliant! Tragic!, and solidifies itself as a future charter.

The headbangers from Portland, Red Fang, oust veteran No. 1 seed Anvil (who fall all the way to No. 4) at Loud Rock. Otherwise, genre toppers stay steady this week, with Atmosphere, Rebirth Brass Band, Femi Kuti and Daft Punk still ruling their charts.