If you haven’t been watching the HBO megahit Game Of Thrones you’ve been missing out on gratuitous medieval nudity, decapitation and defenestration, and a bitchin’ theme song.

But here’s another reason to jump of the juggernaut of a bandwagon: the National have put a ominous spin on the “The Rains Of Castamere” for the season 2 soundtrack. Matt Berninger’s baritone is an impeccable match for the mind-who-you-challenge murder ballad. The song is reprised many times in George R. R. Martin’s currently 5000+ page, 5-book opus, A Song Of Ice And Fire, from which Game Of Thrones is adapted. Throughout the series the song, written by Martin, is often sung to smug people of wealth as a reminder that generalissimo Tywin Lannister (the head bad guy, he’s a “lion” who wears red and his twin children make babies together) mercilessly and deliciously destroyed a former cohort, House Reyne, when it got too big for its plate-mail britches, and that, hey, he’ll do it do you, too, if you don’t shut your smarmy little mouth.