Sondre Lerche

Sondre Lerche

Picking favorites was easy this week. Not because there wasn’t a lot to choose from, but because in the midst of cheap half-grime tunes, sparkling-teeth-pop, and perfect post-teen angst, we found a little something for everyone. If you don’t agree, there’s probably something in our weekly Head In The Clouds playlist you’ll find appealing.

Alex GHarvey

I like this because Alex G’s voice is so perfectly near-pubescent that the song still has a loner teenage vibe to it, even though it sounds sunny as heck and I think there are toy instruments in the background. His debut LP, DSU, drops on Orchid Tapes next month. – Lizzie Plaugic



Her forthcoming debut album (due in September) is one of the summer’s most anticipated albums. Even moreso as her voice lulls in and out of the melancholy realization of a lover’s fall from grace, especially of the emphatic, “You were not deserving/You were not deserving.” – Lisa Hresko


CirclesAll My Friends Are Dead

A kind of latter-day sequel to the Jim Carroll classic, this cheap keys, handclaps, cracked harmonies and fuzz-git grinder comes from Circles’ debut album Shadowgraph, out June 24 on Diminished Arc Records. “All that’s left is me,” sings Srini Radhakrishna. Well, him and a gaggle of Windy City garage rock survivors from the Ponys, Radar Eyes, Space Raft, Football and more who know from the hard-partied life. – Eric Davidson


Sondre LercheBad Law

The tune is as catchy as any of Lerche’s other quirk-pop earworms, but the lyrical content is deep enough (it’s about crimes of passion, maybe?) to keep it from becoming a throwaway. And with just the right amount of curveballs on the production side, Bad Law is also a good calf workout…’cause it keeps you on your toes. – David Velásquez