In community college, in biology class, there was a guy who clearly was on something. Whatever flavor of psychotropics it was I can’t help imagining every lecture to him looked like the exclusive video we have for you today.

Coming to you from Pressed And, the duo of Andrew Hamlet and Mat Jones, who make luscious pop together. In the video, cells swim through neon oceans, galaxies burst forth and ancient Egyptian iconography somehow comes into play. Trippy? Very. The song, “Fire Shelf” is anchored to Earth by drum machine beats while the rest floats through the ether. Shimmering synth chords and a few bass notes haunt the track alongside vaporous vocals. It’s as if early Chemical Brothers had gone chill-wave. The video is part one of seven, there being a video to accompany each track of the band’s album Imbue Up, which you can listen to on the band’s Bandcamp site. Follow Pressed And further down the rabbit hole, too, by downloading the track “Raid” here.