Slumber parties were the jam when we were kids. But the glory days of tween hair braiding, Truth Or Dare, and dipping your friend’s hand into a glass of water to see if she’d pee the bed now live on with Slumber Party @emmieshouse, a web series straight from Frenchkiss Records’ FKR.TV. Hostess Emmie Lichtenberg dons PJs (not of the footy variety, unfortunately) and goes full-on gossip with bands. And they play games! The games are the best.

We’re excited to premiere the second episode of Slumber Party @emmieshouse. In this nighttime coffee clutch, Fort Lean talks boy bands and plays the not-really-naughty sleepover game that often ended in sprained ankles, “Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board.” Watch it below, and check out episode No. 1 featuring MS MR, too.