Daft Punk stands up Colbert, Lena calls out Gaga, Jack White isn’t digging The Black Keys. It seems like artists are getting a little feisty in the summer’s heat. When we asked ourselves, ‘So who’s next?’, we probably should’ve foreseen M.I.A. jumping on this bandwagon. Granted, it doesn’t seem like she’s necessarily been out of the drama lately. Recently, her documentary director Steve Loveridge made a public exit while, in the meantime, we’ve been asking ourselves “Can she really get anymore vague than fall for Matangi’s release date?” We’ve been patiently waiting for the release of the fourth full-length for over a year now. Well, this morning M.I.A tweeted: “If Interscope takes longer I can always leak this next week and make a new one by the time they are ready.” Turns out M.I.A’s chance to be brazen won’t be necessary because Matangi now has a release date and it’s November 5th.

In an interview with Gold Coast, M.I.A. said that Interscope wanted to shelf the album because it was “too positive.” I’ll let that just sink in.

In the midsts of all these struggles and conflicting agendas, M.I.A. told BBC Radio 1′s Zane Lowe that Matangi might be her last full-length effort. “It’s just one of those things where I’ve given up at this point. I was literally going to start putting out records from my bedroom. This was my last stab at it– I’m going to hand it in and wait for it to go out the way albums go out. If I didn’t get it out right now, I would’ve definitely exploded.” Well, we’ll see. We’ve been hearing a lot of things these days.