With less than two weeks until King Krule’s debut album 6 Feet Beneath The Moon lands, the Londoner continues to provide little teasers. The follow up to Easy Easy is another sparse song, Neptune Estate. Krule’s ability to strip productions down to their very core gives him enough space to float over the beat. It’s comforting and makes for a strange mixture of lyricism and minimalism: exactly what attracted so many people to him the first place.

6 Feet Beneath The Moon will be released August 24 via True Panther. From what we’ve gathered so far it’ll be an introverted album, the type that lets the listener drift away into their own world. Listen to Neptune Estate, below.

Tracklist for 6 Feet Beneath The Moon:
01. Easy Easy
02. Border Line
03. Has This Hit?
04. Foreign 2
05. Ceiling
06. Baby Blue
07. Cementality
08. A Lizard State
09. Will I Come
10. Ocean Bed
11. Neptune Estate
12. The Krockadile
13. Out Getting Ribs
14. Bathed In Grey