It’s been a year since KUSF, the radio station of the University Of San Francisco, was taken off the air, but the fight isn’t over yet. The secretive deal between the university and CPRN, Southern California’s Classical Public Radio Network, which would allow the sale of KUSF’s broadcast license for $3.75 million, has yet to be approved by the FCC. CPRN originally stated that it wanted to help preserve classical music on the radio. However, the website for the group Save KUSF states that the university, along with the University Of Southern California, was involved with Entercom, one of the top five largest radio broadcasting companies in the U.S.

Friends Of KUSF has brought in the help of volunteers and attorneys to dispute the sale of the station. Co-counsel Peter Franck told that he thinks “it’s a very important case, and the trend of college stations disappearing isn’t good. It’s about keeping the airwaves public.”

Rev. Stephen A. Privett, the president of the University Of San Francisco, has since claimed responsibility for the decision to sell the license. He initially stated that KUSF would be able to continue in an online-only format and that a teaching lab would be created for students. KUSF has indeed been broadcasting on an online stream as KUSF-In-Exile, but it has been with help from the Bayview District’s Light Rail Studios and WFMU. As far as the teaching lab goes, USF media studies professor Dorothy Kidd told, “As far as I know, students are not getting an equivalent educational experience. The new digital studio has not been set up.”

Despite the fact that its broadcasts are only online, KUSF still manages to make its voice heard. This past October, KUSF-In-Exile Music Director Irwin Swirnoff spoke at the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival’s Saving College Radio panel, in hopes of helping other stations to protect themselves from a similar fate.

Save KUSF’s website announced a protest in front of the Entercom office and an event at the WIX Lounge to observe the one-year anniversary on January 18. The group regularly holds fundraisers and events. You can stream KUSF-In-Exile, find out more information and make donations at